Finally finished the About page. Admittedly, I put too much time into making the website fit the aesthetic I wanted, but given that I have a habit of applying perfectionist tendencies to sort of silly things, it is a shame.

COMM: Read CH 11, Preparing Civil Public Speeches. As the title implies, the chapter was about writing speeches and things to consider. It’s basically the same material about essay writing that I got in high school, although there was more focus on the audience. Professor also posted a video basically reading the rubric out loud.

To-Do List:

CI: Read for class. Start reading ahead.

BioLab: Print new lab, do pre-lab if necessary

OChem: Review from scratch w/ notes. Print out lecture slides for class. Start on Pre-Lab

Physics: Review from scratch w/ notes. Catch up on old homework. Print stuff for lab.

HONS: Readings. 2 questions due by noon tomorrow.

COMM: Finish current module. Propose plan for speech.


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