Woke up a little before class because I didn’t get much work done. “So far, so good,” she tells herself sarcastically.

Started reading for CI, which stands for Classroom Interactions. The title is “Lectures Still Dominate Science and Math Teaching, Sometimes Hampering Student Success.” Like that wasn’t obvious enough. It makes Tuesdays and Thursdays almost unbearable at times, going straight from one lecture I can barely follow to another lecture I can barely follow. It hearkens back as far as middle school, where lecture trumps all. It’s so disheartening, especially since all research points towards lecture being ineffective, especially in STEM. As much as I credit my high school experience for shaping me into who I am, the dominance of lectures in education isn’t helpful for anything except ensuring that a teacher doesn’t lose control of a class.

Also started reading for Honors class. Just covered enough to have questions for the assignment, but I haven’t finished it. I will try to finish though because it’s pretty interesting. Sherry Turkle in Alone Together is so convinced that social media and technology is playing a hand in the moral degradation of society, which makes her insufferable at times, but she makes valid points occasionally. For example, I relate heavily to the anxiety that technology can bring, although I feel like she overstates it’s effect on teens. Teens were, are, and always will be concerned with how people think of them. Technology did not increase this, but rather gave them a measure to prove so.

I also disagree with how she says that there is a pattern of “respectful disparagement of what came before” before moving on to “idealize the new.” This is a pattern seen in people who have only ever known one way of life, such as young teens with cell phones. Even then, they recognize that the new isn’t superior in all aspects. Most people like reading paperback books still and despise e-readers or reading online because “it’s not the same.” Additionally, older people are always disparaging the new. There’s this joke online about “90s kids will only get this” with the implication that what was older was better. I wouldn’t argue any of it. Every generation thinks they are the peak of development and that the newer generations are the decline. “Oh, kids shouldn’t have cellphones, they shouldn’t be on Instagram, why do they dress like that?” There is also the worship of that which came before, such as the “I only listen to music from before x year, everything after that is garbage.” Music, much like fashion, technology integration, and literally everything else, evolves. Acting like all change is bad is closed-minded and incredibly limiting to one’s personal view of the world. It’s sickening, honestly, because until there’s proof of actual moral degradation, then it’s just spouting nonsense. Regarding that, there is some truth in how the messages of movies, music, etc. can affect how people perceive things, but it’s stereotypical to conclude “Modern rap is trashy, and all people who listen to it are equally trashy and subscribe to this culture of trash.”

More updates to come as work gets done.


Berrett, D. (2012, October 25). Lectures Still Dominate Science and Math Teaching. Retrieved February 13, 2017, from http://www.chronicle.com/article/Lectures-Still-Dominate/135402

Given to the students by the professor. On the website, it is “Premium Content,” so the regular user cannot access it.

Turkle, S. (2013). Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other. Cambridge, MA: Perseus Books.


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