To-do list (weekly):

CI: Lots of readings. Fix LP and send back for final approval.

HONS: Finish readings.

COMM: Read CH 12 w/ quiz, critique speech in Box by Wednesday midnight, peer responses due Sunday midnight, speech proposal due ASAP

OCHEM: Quiz CH 13-15 Thursday

PHYS: Catch up hmwks. Pre-Lab

BIOLAB: E3 Lab report.

Physics lab is interesting. It’s a constructivist approach to the material, meaning we’re trying to build an understanding from the ground up via experiments. It works halfway, given that a lot of students have some prior knowledge (meanwhile I have none, given that high school physics for me was just mechanics) and struggle to answer questions based on observations and drawing conclusions from said observations. It’s a slow model for covering material, but it helps when done well.

CI readings were about classroom management. Major takeaway: it’s a battle, but not a battle. Like in battle, you must understand the other side, their motives, their methods, and must find a way to deal with them while not giving in much. However, there is no winning or losing. The overt power struggle means you’ve lost. Students aren’t your opponents; whatever internal struggles they carry are the true opponents. It’s a hard frame of mind to maintain.

Finished CH 13 of Turkle. It covered the anxieties of technology. While the author made some valid points, they were overextended to these crazy conclusions. While it is a valid concern that you cannot guarantee who is on the other side, whether as the receiver or the sender, she seems to paint it as a majority of the time rather than the exceptions. I commented on part of it before, but one point I


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