Major To-Do: turn in final LP, turn in speech proposal, critique speech by midnight, OChem prelab, study for quiz

Wednesday is rough because I’m out from 9AM til 6PM. My longest gap is 1 hour, and that’s if i get off work on time. Probably going to have a long night though.

LP (lesson plan) for CI is basically done at this point. No major changes, mostly formatting issues. Once I have the final okay from the professor I can send it to my mentor teacher. I’m scheduled to teach March 3, so I have a bit of time to refine and practice.

COMM: Topic was approved in the emails with the professor. Going to prepare a speech on the effects of social media on teens, both good and bad. It’s cheating a bit, given that I’ve been reading my two main sources for the Honors course. She wants me to extend the topic to people of all ages, but the books are heavily focused on the effect on teens. Presenting the topic with minimal bias is going to be difficult though, because I find one of the authors to be just…. terrible. Her points are taken to the extreme, and it’s bad, but her background as a Freudian-type psychoanalyst already put me off to her. The bias is strong, real, and reinforced by my classmates.

Watched and practiced critique for a speech. The speaker seemed to have practiced a lot but spoke very fast. If this is her standard for the assignment, then I’m out of luck! Not really, but still. Lot of work to do with that.


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