Hi! Although almost all of you will know me, I feel like I should properly introduce myself at all levels. My name is Monica. I attended SFdS from Pre-K through 8th grade. IWA was my high school. Now UTD is where I continue my education journey. Currently, I am a sophomore Biology major. I entered college pre-med, but I have since dropped that and have decided to pursue a Science 7-12 teaching certificate. I am a part of the Collegium V Honors program, and that is the reason I have set up this blog.

As part of the honors program, I decided to take a readings course called Living in the Information Age. This class is about the effects of our hyperconnected lives, especially for teenagers. We are reading two books taking very different stances on our new attachments to social media and the Internet as a whole. At the beginning of the semester, we were asked to pick a side: technology (mostly social media and the such) is a blessing in my life, or technology is a hassle in my life. I decided that I fell towards the latter. To explain my thoughts, I wrote the following:

Digital media may be a good thing overall–an opinion that I still maintain–but for me it is a major hassle. I know this is mostly my fault, seeing as how my use of digital media ends up amplifying my own bad habits. Digital media is a tool, and like all tools it can be used for good and bad purposes.

The professor then turns around and tells us that our experiential term project must reflect the opposite of what we initially wrote. So, my project had to add technology into my life.

I spent quite a while thinking over what exactly I wanted to do. What goal did I want to accomplish? So I set about the age-old task that all students face: doing better in school. Yes, the technology that distracted me and gave me an outlet to procrastinate so much that my grades slipped would become the tool by which I’d make my grades improve.

I decided that I would start this blog as a visible way to hold myself accountable. At the end of the day, I’d write about what happened in class, or what work I had done for a class, or something of the sort. To push myself to think more critically, I plan on not just reporting what I did but reflecting on it, exhibiting the metacognition that I one day hope to build in my own students

While I am concerned that these posts might take time to write, I’m more concerned about how my grades are. How my work ethic has deteriorated without any real sense of accountability or structure to catch me. This isn’t anyone’s fault but mine, and I own up to that. However, I do hope to make it right, or at least give myself a start.

The goal of this blog is public accountability. Putting my academic habits (or current lack thereof) on display as a motivator to actually get work done regularly rather than in one night. Sometimes the commentary will be worthwhile. Sometimes it won’t. Especially if it’s pure science, no room for opinion. I can’t promise I’ll be interesting, but I can promise that I will try to put out content.